The Rise of Uhryra

Into the Darkness

 After leaving the basement of doom and narrowly escaping the lotion monsters clutches Belladona and her friends are interrupted by the sounds of a brawl down an alleyway. Upon further inspection the group runs into an illegal Dwarven fighting ring where they run into the Gnome bard Naomi. 

After murdering the captain of the Dwarven knights and losing the Soulbound Marionette Natalia, the group with their newly found Gnomish companion retreat to the inn where they awaken the next morning to find their companion Ricard missing.

After a small bit of searching the group locates an underground headquarters of sorts where Nayarim the Tiefling Sorceress had been captured and tortured by an unkown cult. After killing Nayarim torturers she whimpers to Belladona to save "him" before finally giving way and mouthing "Thank You" -TBC



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