The Rise of Uhryra

The Warlocks Sacrifice

After bidding there old companion Nayarim a Solemn goodbye the group continues forward and find themselves inside of a prison of sorts. Belladona there encounters a man who has been imprisoned by the cult and decides to set him free to allow the man to have vengeance against those who took his wife.

 Alucard then looks in the next cell to find a disheveled pirate by the name of Jeremiah who found himself and his crew trapped by the "She Devil".  After a small tussle with the Dwarven guards who defend the prisons our heroes acquire the cell keys and let out Jeremiah who presents the group with a map of the complex he had drawn out with his own blood in between tortures on the back of his old musky sheets. 

The Heroes led a mighty charge against the Dwarven forces and cultists. Backed by the great pirate crew of Jeremiah Rummington the heroes push back the enemy enough to find Arissa their Paladin companion who had been wounded gravely and falls unconscious due to exhaustion.

Pressing ever forward the great heroes runs into a throne room where Ricard is found struggling against a dark shadowy force which reveals itself to be a Succubus, the Succubus. After an incredibly stressful fight with their own shadow selves the group attempts to aid Ricard whch then results in the Succubus stabbing Ricard through the chest with a large spike made of dark energies. She is about to attack the heroes before Ricard with the last of his strength Teleports himself and Uhryra the Succubus  away from the party leaving the area in a cold silence. Behind where Uhryra and Ricard were fighting lies the dead body of the old Dwarven King.

The heroes hastily rush back home to begin with locating Ricard and hopefully saving him from the Clutches of Uhryra.

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Into the Darkness

 After leaving the basement of doom and narrowly escaping the lotion monsters clutches Belladona and her friends are interrupted by the sounds of a brawl down an alleyway. Upon further inspection the group runs into an illegal Dwarven fighting ring where they run into the Gnome bard Naomi. 

After murdering the captain of the Dwarven knights and losing the Soulbound Marionette Natalia, the group with their newly found Gnomish companion retreat to the inn where they awaken the next morning to find their companion Ricard missing.

After a small bit of searching the group locates an underground headquarters of sorts where Nayarim the Tiefling Sorceress had been captured and tortured by an unkown cult. After killing Nayarim torturers she whimpers to Belladona to save "him" before finally giving way and mouthing "Thank You" -TBC


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