Shrog mimic Cletric of Trickery with amazing legs (Chaotic Good)


Personality: A well rounded man who tries to adjust to his setting. One moment he is a compassionate healer of the dammed, and the other a sly fox hiding his secrets among the unknowing. He feels like he should be more open hearted with his flaws, but he keeps his emotions locked under his very own chest.

Love Interest: not only am I resistant to charm, but people who look at me seems to be too.

Likes: Communing with his crew or follow friends, and watching or listening to Natalia talk as if it reminds him of a youthful time.

Dislikes: Turnips, rotten flesh (in my belly!), the fact that he can’t join half of the team during some missions because he is as stealthily as a bowling ball ramming into chimes.

Fears: After the hunt for the succubus will his God set him free from his puppet and her strings.

Weaknesses: losing the puppet.

Strengths: It’s hard to Charm a box. . .also his glories, amazing, smashing, while formed, perfectly crafted, hand made thighs? This Goddess of his has some odd sense of humor?

Special/Significant Belongings: The puppet and the soul itself. If shrog could find a way to break his chains and save Natalia he would do so. Also his old golden war hammer that so fought against the Succubus.

Lore: Shrog in another life accidently released succubus and was attacked by a in a pocket dimension. Almost loosing himself to a deadly charm, there was a powerful Goddess who imbued Shrog with a scornful gift for releasing this fowl beast. He was cursed to become a mimic, but in trade the mimics are highly resistant against any charm the succubus can cast upon him. So he was the perfect hunter against the monster, and the God saw this potential she has made. “You have unchained the monster that I once put in it’s place, now it is your turn to do the same in my name.” The Goddess was named Shar and once the same succubus that Shrog once fought fooled the Goddess into a little trick, and now Shar seeks for vengeance of her own. Shrog was questioning why he should listen to her demands and in so summons down a puppet of a past follower who so failed her goals in helping the God. “If you don’t so help me I will turn you into this!”
Long Life Goal: Now Shrog must find the monster he once fought and free himself from this bondage that the God cursed him with.

Fun/usless facts: He can carve wood because of fixing Natalia a lot.
He does not see in the dark. . .but the puppet does.
He never once ate an friend, but if it comes down to saving someone he will do it.



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